ZIP System Stretch Tape

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ZIP System Stretch Tape

Seal Tough Jobs in a Flash

Quickly flash tricky areas without piecing tape segments together. ZIP System stretch tape easily stretches to fit sills, curves and corners with a single piece. Made of a high-performance composite acrylic, ZIP System stretch tape conforms to challenging applications and locks out moisture even over mismatched surfaces. And ZIP System stretch tape can be pulled up and reapplied for hassle-free installation, providing a tight seal in no time.

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Flashing Applications

A Simple Solution for Complex Areas

  • Stretches in
    any Direction
  • Window Sill
  • Wall Penetration
  • Curved Window

Product Features

Stretches, Curves, Seals and So Much More

  • Weather Barrier
    Weather Barrier icon

    Weather Barrier

    The perfect complement to ZIP System® sheathing panels for a continuous weather barrier to keep water out.

  • Variety of Surfaces
    Variety of Surfaces icon

    Variety of Surfaces

    Bonds to wood, concrete, masonry, architectural metals, glass, PVC, FRP, EPDM for easy flashing in transitional areas.

  • Repositionable
    Repositionable icon


    Can be pulled up and reapplied for hassle-free installation.

  • Cold Temperature Application
    Cold Temperature Application icon

    Cold Temperature Application

    Can be applied in cold temperature applications as low as 20° F.

  • Superior Acrylic Adhesion
    Superior Acrylic Adhesion icon

    Superior Acrylic Adhesion

    Works better than butyl/asphalt to provide a strong, tight bond for an effective seal, even around fasteners.

  • 180-Day Exposure
    180-Day Exposure icon

    180-Day Exposure Guarantee1

    Guaranteed to stand up to exposure.

Application Instructions

Speed Through Applications with Tape that Stretches

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